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An update from Tim White (email to twhite@boreal.org):

Six weeks to November 6-8. This is the time to start looking at airline ticket prices if you plan to fly in to Anchorage. However, often I have found the best fares 2-4 weeks out.

For those who are going to make presentations we ask you to send a summary of your topic and yourself for publicity purposes. (email to twhite@boreal.org)

For those who had hoped to come but cannot make it in person we invite you to participate to keep your iron in the fire and the program growing for future events:

• Send a poster.

• Send an animated poster, that is a Powerpoint or similar slide show shorter or the same as your original proposal that can be shown without your narration or presence. In the simplest form a file of digital pictures with accompanying text document keyed to each picture could be presented for you..

• Send your program to be presented by someone else.

• Send literature, handouts or other material for free distribution.

• If you have products to be sold, books, DVDs, CDs or other sled dog related items we can also arrange for that, free or for a reasonable fee depending on volume.

With the object of reaching the largest possible audience without incurring major costs to the audience for entry or for the use of a facility, we have a choice between venues in Anchorage or Wasilla. We will let you know how the it works out. Everything is on schedule for the first ever “mushing history conference bringing together diverse interests with the common sled dogs/mushing theme, including both history professionals and sled dog/mushing professionals.”

To stay informed tune in to:

Mushing History Site (this site)

Yahoo group: Mushing History

Facebook group: Mushing History Conference

Tim White, Conference Organizer
(email to twhite@boreal.org)


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ebdarlingConference organizer Tim White received information from another speaker for the upcoming Mushing History Conference, which will take place near Anchorage from November 6th through the 8th:

Jane Haigh, author of Gold Rush Dogs and an Assistant Professor of History at Kenai Peninsula College, has offered to do a presentation on Esther Birdsall Darling, the woman who helped to found the Nome Kennel Club with Scotty Allan, and was a part owner of his kennel. She also was responsible for publicizing the races and writing the programs, and was the author of Baldy of Nome and other books about mushing in the Baldy series.

Click for information about other proposed conference presentations.

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From Tim White:

I would like to offer all our original respondents several alternatives, in case they are not able to attend in person on the selected dates, so they can be involved and support mushing history activities. I think we all have an interest in promoting the broader mushing history program, the sled dog’s role in history and perspectives, and public interest in the subject, trusting that there will be other opportunities to be involved in different ways in the future, future conferences, ongoing discussions/communication, groups and projects.

Based on what I have seen at other conferences, here are some possibilities, you might have other suggestions:

• Send a poster.

• Send a kind of animated poster, that is a Powerpoint or similar slide show that can be shown without your narration or attendance.

• Send your program to be presented by someone else.

• Send literature, handouts or other material for free distribution.

• If you have products to be sold we can also arrange for that, perhaps subject to a fee.

To my knowledge, no such program has ever been held and there has never been such prominent recognition of mushing’s broad history and the critical role sled dogs have played historically in general, as well as in other established and specific historical areas of interest such as transportation, mail carriers, the Fur Trade, Gold Rush, native North American history and culture, exploration, Polar expeditions, sports and Olympic history. There are a few exceptions, of course, but no overarching mushing history conference bringing together diverse interests with the common sled dogs/mushing theme, including both history professionals and sled dog/mushing professionals.

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The 2009 Mushing History Conference Presenters are still gathering for this unprecedented event, but a listing of the interested respondents and proposed presentations is available now.

If you’re interested in giving a presentation at the 2009 Mushing History Conference in Alaska, contact Tim White, Conference Director, 881 County Road 14, Grand Marais, MN; Email: twhite@boreal.org

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From Tim White
Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 9:50am

Host: Tim White
Network: Global
Date: Friday, November 6, 2009
Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Wasilla, Alaska-ITC Headquarters

The date and place are set, but since for any given weekend some speakers are unavailable, more presentations are welcome for a full program.

This event has 5 confirmed guests: Tim White, Helen Hegener, Wayne Curtis, Donna Quante, June Price

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From Tim White
Thursday, July 2, 2009 at 8:30am

Dear Mushing Friends,

The response to the idea of holding a Mushing History program somewhere in the Anchorage/Wasilla area of Alaska this fall has been encouraging. There are at least enough proposals for speakers to possibly spill into a third day, Friday-Sunday. We are now surveying the participants, especially speakers, to determine the weekend to best satisfy their schedules. All interested participants, please return the list below with your preferred weekend or weekends and any that you would not be available. Mark the preferred dates as P/preferred, the conflict dates for you as N/no. The unmarked dates we will assume are feasible for your own schedule. Included are listings of mushing programs on the calendar in Alaska and outside. If you know of other sled dog events or other events in general that would conflict or complement the Mushing History conference, please keep us informed so we can publicize them to participants. Some participants may want to combine a trip to Alaska with other programs and activities in the same time period.

Candidate speakers are also requested to send a short bio to be used to publicize their presentations along with an abstract of their proposed topics. A draft program will be distributed as soon as possible to stimulate more interest and to allow speakers considering several potential topics to integrate their contributions with the overall program.

Tim White twhite@boreal.org

September 18-20 _________
Sept 19-20: Meet and Greet with Lance Mackey, Ontario, Canada
Sept 19-20: Willow Dog Mushers Symposium, Willow, Alaska
September 25-27 _________
Sept 25-26: Midwest Sled Dog Symposium, Michigan
October 2-4 ___________
October Oct 3-4: Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair, New Hampshire
October 9-11 _________
Oct 9-11: ADMA Int’l Sled Dog Symposium, Fairbanks, Alaska
October 16-18 ________
October 23-25 _________
October 30-November 1 _________
November 6-8 ________

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From Tim White
Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 2:02pm
Seppala is one of those names/words like diarrhea that I am never sure to spell right. Here a picture of his team in an unidentified race; looks like Quebec, probably around 1930. Big crowd of spectators lining the course and the gangline straight and tight as a wire.

Leonard Seppala: Bonzo in Lead!

Leonard Seppala: Bonzo in Lead!

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